Thioni Restaurant

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Thioni Restaurant

A Fine Dining Restaurant In Mykonos

Our hotel restaurant in Mykonos, which has been completely renovated, operates from early in the morning, serving breakfast, until late in the evening.Its aristocratic appearance, featuring antique furniture and sophisticated décor creates an inviting and extremely romantic setting for Mykonos unforgettable dining experiences.

Thioni Restaurant featuring a menu signed by celebrated Chef Stefanos Tatas, is famous amongst Mykonos Restaurants, for its modern mediterranean cuisine, as his Salmon tartare with wasabi, tabbouleh salad or the lamb legs with halloumi cheese!

Hotel Restaurant Thioni in Mykonos

Semeli Hotel’s Restaurant in Mykonos Town is strategically situated in the elegant indoor areas of our neoclassical mansion and the charming outdoor areas, by our hotel pool.

Awake your gustatory senses in our hotel restaurant “Thioni”, amongst the most exquisite Mykonos restaurants and enjoy Mykonos’ best dining experience!

Thioni Restaurant April 1, 2015