5 Star Luxury Hotel Mykonos

A 5 star hotel in Mykonos that will enchant you

A 5 star hotel in Mykonos that will enchant you


The most authentic amongst luxury hotels in Mykonos

Semeli Hotel in Mykonos Town, amongst the most luxury hotels in Mykonos is fairly named after Zeus’ beloved Semeli, as the 5 star hotel reflects in Mykonos her name’s symbols of beauty and harmony.

Why Choose A Luxury Hotel In Mykonos

Why Choose A Luxury hotel in Mykonos?

Mykonos, the choice of celebrities

For decades, Mykonos is the choice of international celebrities. Hollywood stars, DJs, singers, athletes, politicians, all have visited Mykonos and took their fair share of sun and beautiful beaches.

Mykonos Party Island

Mykonos is widely recognized as one of the best travel meccas. It is one of the best party islands in the Aegean. Mykonos Town is a stunningly picturesque Cycladic town with a maze of tiny streets and whitewashed steps lanes where a vast number of bars and nightclubs light up the night. Mykonos nightlife focuses both on beach bars and clubs and a notable number of them is recognized internationally.

Not just partying and nightlife

The "Island of winds" offers more than extreme nightlife to the ones that seek alternative vacations. Countless golden beaches, rich and interesting local culture, warm and salty winds, mingling with friendly locals, astonishing scenery that worths your attention. Mykonos is the choice for vivid nightlife but is also the choice for the ones that want to explore the Aegean archipelago.

Semeli 5 Star Luxury Boutique Hotel In Mykonos Town March 30, 2015

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